Unlike conventional video conferencing systems which enables only point -to – point or point – to – multipoint link-ups, MCS is the first of its kind to offer virtually unlimited multipoint-to-multipoint interactivity for desktop computer, Boardroom, Telepresence and High Definition from both wired and wireless network.


Crystalview HD Series

Crystalview HD Series is a versatile and full HD Telepresence system with unmatched flexibility and quality.
Crystalview HD 9100
Crystalview HD 8200 and HD 8100


Web Based Solutions

CLiteHD is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides browser and mobile applications with real time multimedia communication and data collaboration capabilities



The unlimited address space provided by IPv6 will allows us to deliver more and newer applications and services with reliability, improved user experience and increased security.

Our Mission

To connect the world with our cutting edge multipoint to multipoint video conferencing technology at zero call costs.

Our Vission

Our vision is to make multipoint multimedia video conferencing system a common means of multi-party communication at a fraction of the cost of many other systems currently in use. With our enabling technology, video conferencing will eventually become a widely available and affordable option for official, commercial and personal conferencing needs, in pace with bandwidth development.

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MLABS Venture RM260Mil Into Footwear

Multimedia video conferencing system assembler MLabs Systems Bhd has proposed to inject a new core business — selling footwear and apparels.

August 17, 2017

MLABS Channel Partners Program

Mlabs has held a Raya Open House during Hari Raya and launched a Channel Partner Program to introduce our new Sales Incentive Scheme

Dec 14, 2012

ICT Seminar The Next Generation Communications

The ICT Seminar held was targeted for the ministries, departments and government agencies situated in Putrajaya area. Realizing that the government...

Dec 14, 2017

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Awards & Recognition

Today MLABS is a multi-million dollar entity that is set to become a global technology player in the Video Conferencing market with its ground breaking Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS)