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MLABS SYSTEMS BERHAD was founded following the success of a software development project that begins in 1992 in University Sains Malaysia. In 1997 Multimedia Research Lab Sdn Bhd (MLABS) was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in Malaysia to carry out on-going research, development and marketing activities for this software. After years of success, the company was listed in Malaysian Stock Exchange under MESDAQ counter in August 2005. Multimedia Research Lab Sdn Bhd became a fully owned subsidiary of MLABS SYSTEMS BERHAD.

Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS) is substantially less expensive and more flexible

MLABS has to date invested over USD 8.0 million in research and development of the flagship software product known as Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS), and will continue to do research, development and marketing of MCS. MLABS will continue to promote MCS as the best high-tech communication tool of today, with strong emphasis on innovations, cost saving and cutting edge technology.

Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS) is substantially less expensive and more flexible than any other similar system currently available in the market. Since its commercial debut in 1997, MCS has reached milestones such as winning PIKOM’s Best IT Product of the Year 1999 till recently in year 2008 a Bronze Medal for the Invention/Innovation at Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF 2008) in Korea.

MLABS was also a winner of an Award in Geneva 34th International Exhibition on Invention, New Technique and Product 2006, Gold Medal and Innovative product of ITEX 2006 and Merit Award presented at the APMITTA Awards of 2000. MLABS also received “patent pending” status from the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2000. At this present moment MCS is already being used in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Australia, USA, Japan, Middle East Region and some African countries.

Unlike conventional video conferencing systems which enables only point -to – point or point – to – multipoint link-ups, MCS is the first of its kind to offer virtually unlimited multipoint-to-multipoint interactivity for desktop computer, Boardroom, Telepresence and High Definition from both wired and wireless network. MLABS also was first video conferencing company which offers an Application Service Provider (ASP) model for ISP around the world to provide video conferencing as a service to all its existing customers.

MLABS has already made a name for itself in the global marketplace with its other attractive features such as no call cost, low infrastructure needs, open- system hardware requirements and cutting edge technology.

MCS’s varied applications include intra-corporate meetings, distance learning, telemedicine, training and many more from desktop computer to boardroom systems. At the same time, its relatively low system procurement and usage cost make MCS an excellent value investment for a far wider range of clientele.

To enhance its flagship multipoint-to-multipoint application, MCS has add-on capabilities to cover special needs like Document and Application collaboration which allows decision making and brainstorming to be a simple task indeed. Not to forget the Accounting Module for the MCS ASP models for background accounting and usage tracking.

Today MLABS is a multi-million dollar entity that is set to become a global technology player in the Video Conferencing market with its ground breaking Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS), which allows full multipoint-to-multipoint Desktop, Boardroom, Telepresence and High Definition conferencing around the globe with zero call costs.


Our Mission

To connect the world with our cutting edge multipoint to multipoint video conferencing technology at zero call costs.

Our Vission

Our vision is to make multipoint multimedia video conferencing system a common means of multi-party communication at a fraction of the cost of many other systems currently in use. With our enabling technology, video conferencing will eventually become a widely available and affordable option for official, commercial and personal conferencing needs, in pace with bandwidth development.

Our Directors

General Dato’ Sri Hj. Suleiman


Major Ismail Bin Ahmad (Rtd)

Executive Director

Ong Tee Kein

Executive Director

Tan Sik Eek

Executive Director

Professor Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass

Independent Non-Executive Director

Yee Yit Yang

Independent Non-Executive Director