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Oil and gas companies are always looking for ways to more effectively manage the companies that operate facilities in remote locations. Utilizing the latest communication technology enable workers from remote oil rigs to communicate effectively via communication satellite.

Mlabs designed customized MCS for oil and gas sectors depending on customer’s requirement. MCS is the primer IP based communications tools that utilize low bandwidth via the innovative RSW protocol which allows the integration of voice, video, and data traffic in a single integrated platform that runs on satellite-based IP network. Ranging from remote oil rig in the middle of desert to operation under the next generation unidirectional satellite network, MCS solution has proven record of running at its optimum quality on various satellite based IP network.

MCS promises to simplify and expedite energy industry process which covers:

  • Exploration, Drilling, Production (Upstream)
  • Processing, Storage, Transportation (Midstream)
  • Business Management & Marketing (Downstream)